Company overview

Established over four continents, the Pierson Capital Group is an international, privately-held entity that focuses on developing businesses in the World’s fast growing markets.


We primarily serve as strategic advisors to our clients, providing them with valuable insight in structuring, financing and implementing customer-tailored projects in a highly competitive, multicultural and sophisticated geopolitical environment.


With our task force of experts in construction design and financial engineering, our core business consists in leveraging strong strategic alliances commercial conglomerates for the design and long term financing of major infrastructure programs in emerging countries, such as social housing programs, highways, railways, pipelines, power stations and others, i.e. programs that governments rank among their priorities to implement.


In addition to the above core business, our Group is also actively engaged as advisor, promoter and/or investor in various lucrative projects in a variety of fields such as high technology start-ups, banking, real estate, hotels, tourism and agriculture.