High Technology



As a pioneer in the Renewable Energy sector, CIMV had developed a breakthrough second generation Biomass process technology.


This technology facilitates efficient processing, at atmospheric pressure and low temperature, of non-food agricultural residues into glucose and xylose sugars and pure lignin (BioligninTM) with no pollution to the environment.


Due to the high yield production of ethanol fermented from the sugars extracted in the process and the high value of the pure and linear BioligninTM that can be used for various products in the chemical industry, this revolutionary process is a highly profitable.


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Pierson Group has developed through its PCT subsidiary a full fraud protection system for online and off line financial transactions (the MIIKOO system and device). The system provides a biometric end-user authentication system that seamlessly interfaces to existing financial transaction systems used in banking and financial businesses. The system has been certified and is already in use by several banks.


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